Home Renovations

- Since 2014 -

Home Renovations

We are a team of professional tradespeople operating in the Kelowna, BC area providing home renovation and addition services.

Exterior Renovations

Complete home exterior renovations including: doors, windows, siding, trim, decking, masonry, natural gas hookups, outside electrical, etc.

Kelowna Renovation Contractor
Kelowna kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovations

Complete kitchen renovations including cabinetry, tile, lighting, plumbing, gas and electrical connections, painting, etc.

Bathroom Renovations

Complete bathroom renovations including plumbing, electrical, flooring, painting, custom tile showers and backsplashes, vanities, windows, doors, ventilation, etc.

Bathroom renovation
Kelowna basement living room renovation

Basement & Suite Renovations

Complete basement and/or suite renovations including living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, recreation rooms, bar areas, etc.


Looking online at sites such as Houzz or Pinterest are great places to find inspiration. Save images to your idea board then show them to us. We will be able to work with you to find local products that work with your ideas and your budget.

If you are ready to renovate an area of your home contact us with your ideas. We’ll measure the area and ask you questions to find out more about your needs and wants. 

  1. Initial conversation – this is where we learn about your renovation requirements.
  2. Measurement – We will stop by the property that is to be renovated to take an exact measurement of area and find out more about the project.
  3. Estimate – We compile a complete estimate for the job and can make any product substitutions to fit your needs.
  4. Contract & Build – If you are satisfied with the estimate and work that needs to be done you sign the renovation contract and we begin construction.
  5. Completion

We can do change orders after the initial contract has been signed. Do be aware that we do charge a fee for change orders as it does require our time to stop construction to do product research, re-estimate and change our workflow and/or permits. 

The majority of the work that we do can be completed by our own employees as we are red sealed plumbers, gas fitters and electricians. We do from time-to-time hire subcontractors. We have been working in the Kelowna area for many years and have a reliable team of subcontractors that we can call upon. We will call upon them whenever it is beneficial for our clients to save them time or money on a project.

We do guarantee our estimates. 

First and foremost, be very honest and open with our project managers. Good communication is key with any renovation project. Second, if the area we are going to work in is cleaned out and ready for us when we arrive onsite to work it makes for a safer working environment and saves time.

All products that we install are installed to meet manufacturers recommendations, local and federal building codes. Because of this we are able to warranty all installations for one year and warranties on products that we install are covered under manufacturers warranty.